Artist's Statement

As a sculptor and a printmaker I am drawn to the alchemical nature of the processes in which the final piece is only fully realized in its final material after going through several other material states. I began my artistic journey as a Printmaker. Intaglio prints, etched on metal plates in many stages, are complete only after the plates have been inked and run through a press. Likewise, bronze sculptures go through states of being in clay, wood or other materials before being made into wax, which is next burned and melted away, and the hollow shell is filled with molten metal. The final material state always contains an element of discovery. In my work I begin with drawings to get out the ideas, and eventually use all of the above mentioned materials in a layered process to create the final result in bronze.

I have chosen to focus on the human figure in sculpture since the mid 1990s. My bronze sculptures include heads, figures and fragments, and are about the universal experience of being human. They deal with the life experience of men and women of diverse cultures, ages and backgrounds, particularly with respect to inner experience and relationship; i.e. alienation, freedom of choice, loss, wholeness and joy. Sculptures which take these themes for inspiration include “Night”, “Thought”, “Long Night’s Journey into Day”, “Bound Figure”, “Freedom”, “Letting Go” and “Plea”. The inspiration for sculpture comes from the people I am closest to, as well as from students and others who I meet in my work, and I use these same people for my models in many cases. The audience that I hope to reach includes people of all backgrounds, since the themes and the subjects are universal.

The sculptural heads that I create are more an exploration of the inner world of the individual. The constructions which include architectural elements, animal and nature references, relate the self to mythologies, dreams and universal concepts. In some cases, these pieces investigate the boundaries between the self and the outer world, but they are all primarily about inner experience.